Rodney M.
Brockton, MA

As a parent of two children, I realize the difficulties of raising a family in today’s day and age while making ends meet. Both my wife and I are both employed and take pride in our ability to work and provide for ourselves and our children. At the end of the month when the bills are due, two major bills stand out: our mortgage payment for our home and the tallied cost of childcare for our children. The price of preschool is so high that one person’s income is almost devoted to paying for it.

Before immigrating to the United States in 1989, I started my life in a small Caribbean country of Trinidad, which is considered a third world country by most standards, but the government was able to provide early childhood education for all. I started pre-school at age 3 in 1983. Now, America still forces its children to wait until age 5 or 6 to start school.

We as a nation are falling behind the rest of the world. If we are to remain competitive on a global scale, the time to act is now. If we do not invest in our children today, our future workforce will suffer. I believe we have a responsibility and a duty to change our present course and make a commitment to our children.

By passing the Fair Share Amendment, we would have money to invest in early education and make it easier for working class families to access quality education. I believe that we have to make a commitment to our children and give them the tools they need to succeed today so that America can lead the world tomorrow.


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