Mary Ann S.
Lexington, MA

Parent Representative, Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Our schools lack the foundation funding necessary to provide all students with a well-rounded, quality education that includes the arts, civics and media literacy, and athletics; those facing the greatest challenges require even more support. When they graduate, students are forced to take on enormous debt for a degree from our public colleges and universities. We need to reinvest in quality public education so that all students have access to the well-rounded education and affordable college they need to succeed.

Improving the quality of the education our children receive, and providing a sound future for them and our Commonwealth, requires up-front investments for the long-term. As an original petition signer, and one of thousands of activists to gather petition signatures for the Fair Share Amendment, I believe we can make those investments by asking our highest income residents, who currently pay less of their income in state and local taxes than the rest of us, to pay a little more on their income over $1 million. Revenue raised by the Amendment will go a long way to making sure we are educating our children in high-quality programs, providing affordable higher education for students, and building a transportation system that works. These investments are critical to ensuring every Bay State resident has a fair shot at getting ahead.


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