Maria R.
Ayer, MA

I am originally from El Salvador and came to Massachusetts 16 years ago. In El Salvador, I worked as an accountant. I’m a mom of two kids and I support my family here by working two jobs, as a commercial cleaner and as a tax professional helping people to prepare their taxes.

I commute to Boston for work and I rely on public transportation—buses and the Commuter Rail. I usually get to Boston at least an hour before my shift starts, just in case the trains are delayed. In the winter time, the Commuter Rail has many issues due to the cold weather and snow. My train is sometimes up to 40 minutes late, or it just gets canceled. The schedules don’t always have good coverage—when I finish my shift at 9:00 p.m., I sometimes wait in the station for two and a half hours to get the next train home. It costs me $23 a day, and the fares keep going up—but the service never gets any better.

If we pass the Fair Share Amendment in Massachusetts, we will have more money to help improve our public transportation system. We could have better train schedules and more frequent service. So many people in our state rely on public transportation. I sometimes see mothers with babies waiting a half hour in the cold for the bus. Working families in Massachusetts deserve transportation that works as hard as we do to support our families.


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