Kyle K.
Roxbury, MA

Four years ago I joined what has now grown into a global movement, fighting for a livable wage and to restore dignity and respect in the work place for underpaid workers – the Fight for $15. The Massachusetts minimum wage makes it impossible for people like me to survive. I went to college, earned a degree and have been unable to secure a job in my field. Fast food was the only place hiring and 12 years ago I began working at Burger King.

Like so many other fast food workers, I work hard and I enjoy the work that I do. I work 20 hours most weeks and when I’m unable to pick up more hours my check never exceeds $220 weekly. Today, I live in a shelter and depend on public assistance to meet my basic needs because $11 an hour is just not cutting it. It’s time for Massachusetts to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.


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