Beth M.
Waltham, MA

‎CEO and Co-Founder, InkHouse
Board Member, Alliance for Business Leadership

I offer paid family leave at my bi-coastal PR firm InkHouse. Why? Because when employees can take time off when they or a close family member is sick, or after the birth of a child, they’re healthier and more productive when they come back to work.

As a mother and an employer, I know that paid family and medical leave is the right thing to do for the good of our community and for our bottom line. It costs 150 percent of an employee’s pay to replace her and a small fraction of that to support her on leave.

We need women in the workplace — in fact, when they are present in leadership, companies perform better. My team is comprised of 85 percent women and too often, women carry the burden of care. These policies are important because they further the broader goal of leveling the playing field for women.


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