Alesha S.
New Bedford, MA

As I came home from giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, I hoped for a stress-free transition. But there was one thing on my mind. I knew that I was not going to receive any income for the next six weeks, as well as two weeks before giving birth, and this was scary! I tried to tell myself that my family would be ok, but we were really feeling the financial struggle quickly. I had trouble concentrating on being a new mom. We were getting bill after bill with no second income and before we knew it, we were stressed – on top of being extremely tired and short with one another.

I tried to stay positive, but let’s face it, this was not the ideal way to live. I returned to work when my son was 6 weeks old and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety. My son was just too young to be left at the hands of strangers. Overall my concentration at work was poor. My family was affected negatively due to how inferior it made me feel.

I feel as though this whole system is set up for new parents like me to be put in these difficult and trying economic situations. If I was able to get paid leave, then a lot of these issues would never be a part of my reality. I can only hope that new mothers in the future will not have to experience this heavy, hurtful, and self-destructive load.


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