A majority of the state legislature has officially co-sponsored Raise Up MA’s Emergency Paid Sick Time legislation, and our organizing efforts are gaining momentum! In order to push legislators to bring the bill up for a vote, we need to make sure they understand the importance and urgency of ensuring that all MA workers have access to ten additional days of job-protected paid sick time during the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the best ways of doing this during social distancing is by sharing video testimonials.

The legislature’s Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development will be accepting written and video testimonials on our legislation from Tuesday, May 26 through Friday, May 29. We’re looking to collect written and/or video testimonials from:

  • Essential workers who don’t have access to paid sick time now and would benefit from our bill (workers at private companies with more than 500 employees, as well as certain workers at health care or residential facilities)
  • Other frontline workers who already have access to paid sick time
  • Activists from community groups, labor unions, and faith-based groups
  • Small business owners who understand the importance of all workers having paid sick time

We’ll share these testimonials with legislators who are considering the bill, as well as with the public on social media.

If you or someone from your organization would like to submit a video testimonial, here’s how:

  1. Write up what you’d like to say in roughly 4-10 short sentences. You should start by saying your name and your job/where you work or the union/organization you’re a member of. Then share any details you’d like to include about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your life, and why you think it’s important for all workers to have access to emergency paid sick time. Please include the phrase “Massachusetts needs to pass emergency paid sick time now because…” You may find it easier to convey your passion, purpose and point in shorter sentences. You should be able to read your testimonial in 30-60 seconds total.
  2. If you’d like someone to review your testimonial, please email it to andrew@crawfordstrategies.com with the subject “Emergency Paid Sick Time Video Testimonial-YOUR NAME”
  3. Get set up to film your video – click here for some tips from the Massachusetts Communities Action Network on how to set up the best video. It helps to film a test video to make sure everything looks and sounds right.
  4. Film yourself, and then email the video to andrew@crawfordstrategies.com with the subject “Emergency Paid Sick Time Video Testimonial-YOUR NAME” by Thursday, May 28
  5. You can also post the video on social media and use the hashtag #PaidSickTimeNow. On Facebook tag Raise Up Massachusetts, on Twitter tag @RaiseUpMA, and on Instagram tag @raiseup_ma

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to submit written testimony, you can reach out to Andrew Farnitano at andrew@crawfordstrategies.com.

With your help, we’ll pass Emergency Paid Sick Time, and ensure that all MA workers have the ability to miss work to care for themselves or their family, without losing the pay they need to make ends meet. Thank you!